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Pharmacies are invaluable on the British high street and are instantly recognisable from their distinctive green cross mark, which is owned by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. In order for a pharmacist to be able to display with mark, a pharmacy premises must be registered, but the green cross can also be used to define an individual's discipline or profession.
Whatever a pharmacy is referred to as; the chemists and drug store are two popular names; one thing is for certain, and that is that without them, many people across the UK would be very sick indeed!
At Personal Products 4U, we supply pharmacies across the UK with personal care toiletries and personal care products. These include baby care products, bath and shower products, dental care products, feminine hygiene products, hair care products, skin care products, travel products, and miscellaneous items including sachets and wipes, medicines and first aid, toiletry bags and vending products.
Currently, we supply tens of the top leading pharmacies in the UK with personal care products and toiletries, who return to Personal Products 4U time after time due to our unparalleled level of service, terrific range of products and extremely competitive pricing.
As a professional business looking to help companies with the same values as us grow, we also take a pro-active approach to ensuring that our products are always in stock and that the items we sell are up to date to meet the latest trends; we understand that pharmacies grow their business with seasonal products and innovative new lines, and we always aim to be in positive position towards this. Every Christmas and every holiday, we take on new stock which enables us to directly service pharmacies with the products they need to grow. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting products to add to our existing range!
Due to our extensive knowledge of the pharmaceuticals industry and retail, we are the perfect partner for any pharmacist or industry professional.
Whether you are simply looking to replenish certain stock within your pharmacy or are looking for new products to start to sell to drive sales, we can help and have the expertise to meet your expectations.
Get in touch with Personal Products 4U today to chat to one of our friendly team members about servicing your pharmacy with the very latest personal care toiletries and personal care products.

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