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Personal Products Ltd distributes personal care products to organisations whether they are Promotional Companies, Manufacturing, Banking, and many other diverse corporate industries. Every organisation will establish business strategies that are designed to support their mission, vision and values, and achieve goals specific to their market, business and industry. Whether that’s based on Cost Leader, Luxury Brands, Niche or Mass Market the primary objective is to deliver a product that the customer is happy with. Just as important to a corporates external strategy is one of their internal strategies. And that is keeping their staff happy. Personal Products has a product range that will fit into any of the above corporate strategies. From Economy to Premium, from Unbranded to Branded, you have the choice available in all personal care product categories that can be distributed to Customers or your Staff. .

Our most popular product categories include

• Branded Toiletry Travel kits

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Soap – Bar and Liquids

All you need to refil your


All you need to refil your

• PVC Cosmetic Bags

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First Aid

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Sachets and Wipes

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